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Self-Ligation bracket options

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Subject: Self-Ligation bracket options

Hi All

Does anyone have any experience or advice on GAC InOvation R v Forastedent BioQuick vs American Ortho EmPower brackets?

I have been using inOvation for many years and have generally been happy with them. I am thinking of changing from InOvation for various reasons and see the other 2 as being very similar. EmPower have a fishtail-locking clip whereas BioQuick have a centrally-locking clip. Empower seems to be made of standard stainless steel, while BioQuick is advertised as nickel free with a chrome cobalt clip. Both brackets are passive to 16×22 but EmPower has the option of deeper slots buccally for reduced friction on sliding, while BioQuick has an auxiliary slot. I have not yet looked at cost but I imagine they would be competitive.

Has anyone any thoughts on one system versus the others?

Owen Crotty

Re: Doggy Dentistry Can Now Mean Braces

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Subject: Re: Doggy Dentistry Can Now Mean Braces 


To fellow ESCOERS  


During these difficult times, we are treating more adults and
canines(dogs) in greater numbers. We have certain criteria that must be met before agreeing to treat.  These are            
1- oral hygiene must be immaculate
2- all appointments are in the morning
3- wee wee pads accompany each visit  (seniors and dogs)
4- separate fee for prolonged elastic instructions 
5-  additional retainer fee if ” my dog chewed up HIS retainer” 
HAPPY NEW YEAR,  Glad that ESCO is returning!
Howard M. Tichler, DDS
Jenny E. Abraham, DDS
725 Montauk Hwy
West Islip, NY 11795