Nexus brackets

From: Dr. Blair Adams <>
Subject: nexus brackets

Has anyone used nexus brackets? They are the Forestadent version of the GAC Innovation bracket that has been ‘adopted’ by Ormco.

I currently use 50:50 Damon / Innovation, but if I could pool all with one company there might be serious financial benefits.

Dr Blair Adams
Ottawa Canada

3 responses to “Nexus brackets

  1. Neda Stefanovic

    Dear Dr. Adams,
    I have never used the nexus bracket (which is not a Forestadent product). The Forestadent bracket is called QUICK, or now BIO-QUICK. We have used them at our Department and they showed a lot of clip-breakages, especially in the lower jaw.
    Dr Neda Stefanovic

  2. Dear Dr. Adams,

    I have not used the Nexus. I have however used the Quick from Forestadent, both the aesthetic and the metal ones. I have had a few cases with them, had one where the canine bracket lid on the lower opened during en-masse retraction, other than that it has been smooth.
    The information I have is that the Nexus bracket IS the Quick bracket design sold to Ormco by Forestadent, but this is something I was told and have no further info to back it up. The design is extremely similar just look at two pictures of them and make the comparison, even the hooks are identical.

    p.s. it is my first comment to your blog which I’ve been reading for some time.

    Greetings from Denmark,
    Dimitris Galaktopoulos

  3. Dear Dr. Adams,

    the debonding-tool for the Nexusclear, the 2nd slot in the Metalnexus, the design of the clip (singlewing vs. dualwing In-R), the design of the base, the 4 contact points in the slot to minimize bonding and notching and even some of the pictures on their homepage are identical to the Forestadent Bioquick.

    I used Quick1, Quick2 and Bioquick by Forestadent and never used the Nexus – and yes the clip broke sometimes (Quick1 > Quick2)

    Greetings from Germany

    Oliver Liebl

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