Self-Ligation bracket options

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Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 5:25 AM
Subject: Self-Ligation bracket options

Hi All

Does anyone have any experience or advice on GAC InOvation R v Forastedent BioQuick vs American Ortho EmPower brackets?

I have been using inOvation for many years and have generally been happy with them. I am thinking of changing from InOvation for various reasons and see the other 2 as being very similar. EmPower have a fishtail-locking clip whereas BioQuick have a centrally-locking clip. Empower seems to be made of standard stainless steel, while BioQuick is advertised as nickel free with a chrome cobalt clip. Both brackets are passive to 16×22 but EmPower has the option of deeper slots buccally for reduced friction on sliding, while BioQuick has an auxiliary slot. I have not yet looked at cost but I imagine they would be competitive.

Has anyone any thoughts on one system versus the others?

Owen Crotty

2 responses to “Self-Ligation bracket options

  1. Hi Owen:

    I am currently using the Empower system after having used Inovation-R for about 3 years. I cannot tell the difference between the two systems. I loved using the Inovation system, but finally gave up on Dentsply. I loved the people I worked with at GAC, especially Ken Brown, but the orders rarely came in correctly or on time. It became a huge issue for us, as I am not interested in buying 6-12 months worth of brackets at a time. There was always an apology, but nothing ever changed.

    So, since we loved the bracket so much, we found one that looked and worked the same way. Though I may be wrong, it is my understanding that the two systems are almost identical with the exception that Empower comes in both an active and passive clip version. I place twin brackets across the incisors in both arches rather than using the self-ligating system. I feel that I get better control, and the kids get their colors. I borrowed the idea from Roy King.

    Mark Lively
    Lively Orthodontics, P.A.
    Stuart, FL
    Phone:  772-287-3999

  2. Why switch?

    Stan Sokolow

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