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Three questions before I go home…

From: Tim Dumore [mailto:Tim@DRDUMORE.COM]
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 6:00 PM
Subject: Three questions before I go home…


I have three questions- been meaning to post them for a while but never seem get around to it!

  1. For the past ~year, I have been using OrthoCAD, and now find that I have perhaps a thousand model boxes that I no longer need.  They have dividers that allow you to fit four mounted casts, but you can get dividers that allow you fit six standard casts…all are a very attractive beige color…  ?anyone need some boxes??
  2. My bracket of choice is Inovation R…like it a lot.   For first molars, I typically bond, but find enough situations where I place bands.  The challenge is that assistants can sometimes have a hard time placing an excellent steel tie, and I find myself wishing that GAC had a band with a self-ligating attachment.  ?Am I the only person that has ever wished for a band with a self-ligating attachment?
  3. I am contemplating a bonus system for my team, but recently brought on an associate who is working one day per week, generally seeing his own patients, receiving a percentage of collections.  His staff are paid by me and work for both of us.  That said, how do you create a bonus system that fairly compensates the staff, while taking into account the productivity and compensation paid to an associate?  I’m not sure my question is as clear as it might be, but time’s up- dinner time!

Thanks for your time and consideration…

Tim Dumore

Unusual impacted canine

Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 9:56 AM
Subject: unusual impacted canine
has anyone had experience, pro or con, with a similarly impacted maxillary canine?
thanks for the input, and Happy Channukah.
Josh Wachspress
Modi’in, Israel

Protracting molars with or without TAD’S

From: allan sheridan [mailto:captainal_92865@YAHOO.COM]
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 10:25 PM
Subject: Protracting molars with or without TAD’S

I have over a 40 year period protracted10-15 second or first molars in to fully healed bone with fairly good results. The teeth moved very slow and very light pressure was used. Many times the general dentist did have to build up interproximal surfaces for adequate contact.

Today, I ask myself the question–how many of these patients would have been just as well off with bridgework or today implant/crowns??  The answer I think depends on the integrity of the adjacent teeth –do we still cut down healthy virgin teeth?? 

The patient should be given all the options as well as risks and rewards. Many times it is a decision between time and money.

Allan Sheridan DMD, MS 

Orange, California

Hello world!

Welcome to the new forum of the Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics (ESCO)!