ESCO Postings

From: Mark Lively []
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 10:18 AM
To: ‘The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics’
Subject: ESCO Postings
Hi All:

I am getting posts from ESCO in the original format in also in the WordPress
format, as I believe a previous update noted would occur.  Is everyone
getting the WordPress version at this time?  I just want to make sure that I
am reaching the masses, lol.   I know that ESCO is moving over to WordPress,
but can one of the two posts be eliminated?   

Mark Lively
Stuart, FL

5 responses to “ESCO Postings

  1. Dear Dr. Lively,

    Thank you for the great questions!

    We are running both the old ESCO listserv format and new WordPress format at the same time for a few months to allow everyone to have enough time to get used to the new format.

    If you wish to receive only one of the two formats, you can unsubscribe either one. See more details on how to unsubscribe ESCO on

    Currently, most of the ESCO listserv subscribers haven’t subscribed the WordPress format yet. We highly recommend everyone to do so. The process is very simple and straight-forward. Please go to and fill out your email address in the field under “Email Subscription” on the left column, then click “Sign me up”. An automatic email will be sent to your email account to let you click through to confirm your subscription.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Thanks!

    Huibi Liu
    Chicago, IL

  2. Hi Huibi:

    I guess the question should have been written to ask what percentage of participants are currently on WordPress. I replied to one of the questions on WordPress but was not sure it may have fallen on deaf ears. I will post
    to the original ESCO until you have shut that format down. Thanks for the
    quick reply and Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the group starting back up again! Thank you for all of the time and energy that you devote to this forum.

    Mark Lively

  3. Hi Dr. Lively,

    The percentage of WordPress subscription is low in the mean time because we couldn’t make any announcement via the Listserv before this January to inform our subscribers the upgrade. However, in the past two days, especially the announcement was finally made in the last ESCO digest, we saw a SIGNIFICANT growth of subscription on WordPress and an INCREASING number of comments posted DIRECTLY on WordPress.

    The comment you replied to the “Magnifying Loupes” topic came through without any problem. All WordPress subscribers can read it in their emails.
    However, that comments was NOT sent to ESCO listserv. That’s why you wonder if it may have fallen on deaf ears. Unfortunately, Listserv and WordPress cannot be linked to each other automatically. Therefore, you may consider emailing the comments to Listserv at the same time when you post a comment on WordPress. It might sound redundant, but I hope it’s only temporary.

    Thanks for your valuable contribution to ESCO!

    Huibi Liu

  4. Sounds like a plan, thanks for the reply! Mark

  5. Hi Dr. Lively,

    One more tip for sending your comments: when you receive a new posting from WordPress, you will see a button at the end of the email which allows you to reply the postings/post a comment via the email from WordPress. It means you don’t have to go to the WordPress site to leave a comment.

    Next, simply add another email address “” in the “Cc” field, you will have your reply sent to both WordPress and Listserv at the same time.

    Hope this help.


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