Need a new camera

From: Dr. Joshua Wachspress <>
Subject: need a new camera
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 1:58 AM

Good morning all

Are there any recommendations for a staff- friendly digital camera?

Josh Wachspress
Modi’in, Israel

9 responses to “Need a new camera

  1. Dr Michael Kirshon

    Hi. Buy a Canon 35mm digital body, 100mm Macro lens (Sigma make a good 105mm (less expensive than canon) and the most important part THE FLASH. Spend money and buy the Canon MR 14EX.
    Its then just a matter of “auto” on the camera, “+1” on the flash, and f5.6 for Portraits, f22 for intraorals…….PERFECT pics 100% of the time! All the staff have to do is focus properly.
    Michael Kirshon

  2. At the other end of the spectrum, for the last 10 years I have used point-and-shoot digital cameras. Originally the Nikon Coolpix 990, and more recently the Canon A630.
    With the right Manual settings, we get photos suitable even for lectures, for a fraction of the cost and weight. Plus it’s very portable.
    Prior to digital, I used a Canon SLR similar to Michael’s setup, loved the images, but hated the size of the assembly.
    The A360 is probably superseded, but most compacts with full manual settings (and a close enough focus) can probably be adapted for ortho use.
    Brett Kerr,

    • Brett
      thanks for the info

      may I ask what settings you use for extra / intra-shots?



      • Hi Josh,

        These are the settings I use, working step-by-step through the Menu. It’s a cut-and-paste of a Word doc I saved at the time. I haven’t had to reset them for a couple of years, so I can’t guarantee this will make sense, but email me if any problems.

        Canon A630 Camera settings.

        For Intra-orals – set to ‘C’ and programme settings as follows:-

        White balance: set tungsten
        Drive mode: normal
        Custom colour menu: Skin tone – one click lighter, red – one click lighter, saturation – one click lighter
        Flash: normal
        Center weighted: average
        Quality: fine
        Size: M2
        AF Frame: to flexi zone
        Digital zoom: to 1.6
        Flash sync first curtain
        Slow synchro: off
        Flash adjust: auto
        Red eye: off (on for Tv)
        Spot A: point centre
        Safety shift: off
        MF point: zoom on
        AF assist: beam on
        Review: 2 seconds
        Reverse display: off
        Display overlay: off
        AV mode: F8.0
        Flash: on
        Macro focus: to centre

        For Extra-orals, set to Tv, with a shutter speed of 1/60

  3. Try this: Every time I see one of my assistants work out lifting my Cannon Rebel XSi, I wonder why I don’t steal this one from my wife. Very light weight, excellent quality photos, inexpensive. Check it out here:
    See Details for a
    Samsung – 14.0 MP Digital Camera
    Model: HZ50W | SKU: HZ50WBLK
    3.0″ Screen
    26x Optical Zoom
    Dual Image Stabilization
    SD / SDHC Card Compatibility
    Video Recording
    Built-In 8MB Internal Memory / Face Detection

  4. I agree with Michael Kirshon. We used compact cameras that were “easy for the staff to use” for years. Finally I bit the bullet and got 2 (two) Canon rebel exsi’s with the canon EFS 60 mm lens and MR-14EX ring flash.
    The photos are Gorgeous. They are Crystal clear. I want to blow them up & put them on the wall. referring docs comment on them when I have to email them about a case.
    Buy good cameras; train the staff.
    Get a great dental photo course from Dr Rebecca Poling’s

  5. Dear Dr. Joshua Wachspress
    what kind of camera you selected and how was your experience with it?

  6. please tell me which store sells these cameras

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