ESCO Listserv Not Functioning

Dear ESCOers,

Since the last ESCO Digest (ESCO Digest – 6 Jan 2011 to 9 Jan 2011 #2011-3) was delivered on Monday, Jan 10, 2011, we have not received any new postings or replies via the ESCO Listserv. All messages came to the editor’s mailbox are junk emails and spam.  The same problem happened in the past year.

The good news is that hundreds of ESCO subscribers subscribed the ESCO Forum ( in the past few days. More and more subscribers have mastered the way to post messages and/or leave comments using the WordPress. Thank you for your contribution to make ESCO alive! We will appreciate if you can spread the words out to your colleagues and friends about the ESCO upgrades to ESCO Forum. More information regarding how to get started is available on our “Helpdesk” web page: If you have any questions, feel free to email

Have a nice day!

Huibi Liu
Chicago, IL

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