Magnifying Loupes

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Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 2:39 PM
Subject: Magnifying Loupes

I was wondering how many reading this are using magnifying loops?  If so, what procedures do you use them for?  I feel like they would help me with bandings and adhesive removal at deband.  Any problems or disadvantages?  I am looking at Design for Vision loupes.  Any particular brands/products anyone else recommend? 

Kevin C. Utley

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I have worn loupes for the last 6 or 7 years. They were originally useful for bracket placement and debonding, but they soon became indispensable.

    The surprise benefit was improved posture, because they can have a long focal distance.

    I use 2x loupes, fixed to prescription lenses, like this:
    (Please copy the above link to your URL and see image.)

    If you get them right, you have three fields of vision:

    Over the top of the glasses to see at a distance (talking to parents, etc)
    Through the glass lenses for normal working
    Through the loupes for narrow field, fine detail
    I think these may only come up to 2.5x, but I have not had to replace mine yet.

    I think these are more convenient and hygienic for general use, but some people prefer/need much higher magnification.


    Brett Kerr
    from a very wet Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    PS Great to see ESCO back! Let’s keep going.

  2. Hi Kevin:
    I have been using loupes for about 7 years. I love them for bonding, but plan on your bondings taking longer, as you will be seeing every detail. They are especially useful when bonding 2nd molars. The downside, field of vision. So, I do not use the loupes for wire changes or contouring of teeth as you can easily lose perspective. Definitely worth the investment. BTW, as you get older and your eyes change, you will need to have the loupes. It is either that or get your arms stretched.

  3. A long time ago, I asked an orthodontist what was the best thing that he has incorporated into his practice. He said it was the loupes. I bought one and he was absolutely right. I would rather quit orthodontics than not wear the loupes. You will strike your own balance on wearing the loupes but personnally I remove them when I am going to the bathroom. I love them.

  4. I got them as my eyes worsened but now I can see things I couldn’t when I was 20!. Designs for Vision is an excellent company with great support, even long after your purchase. I have the “Drew Carey” model but I wish I had picked something a little less dorky looking. Also, having an attachable light would me really nice. (Instead I use a headband). Also, I had orange filters places in the lower 1/5 of the lens so I can tilt my head up a bit for bonding lights.

  5. Kevin and ESCO,

    Get some loupes, you will not regret it.

    I started using loupes several years ago after getting some feedback from my dentists that they had found band cement on some molars. This was on cases that I knew I checked carefully. With Loupes, there is a big difference on what you can see. Plus, almost every dentist in the country uses loupes, they will see it if you don’t.

    I also use them for IPR when I use a high speed. Very helpful.

    Another benefit I have found is they are valuable in placing and checking Invisalign attachments. I am even considering getting some less expensive ones for my staff. They make overfilling the attachments much less likely and you can really see any flash that may compromise aligner fit.

    I use 2.5 magnification, not sure of the brand. I bought them at the AAO meeting and the rep did some set up measurements to get the right working length and compensate for different viewing angles of each eye.

    Let us know what you think when you get some.


    John McDonald
    Salem, OR

  6. I used to use designs for vision but changed to Oroscopic. They came out and measured me. My glasses can be rinsed under running water. They also let me pay over 6 months. I really like them I think you canot go wrong with either company. Now if I could only get my staff to wear them! I use them for bandings mainly. Also great for bonding 7’s.

    Here are mine butt I got them in gray:

  7. Hi Kevin, I am very fond of my Orascoptic loupes since more than 10 years.
    Always use them for removing appliances and composite, placing and removing bonded retainers. You don´t need to be old to benefit from loupse, every dentist/orthodontist see more and work better with loupes.


    Anders Andrén
    Orthodontist in Sweden

  8. Hi Kevin,

    Love having ESCO back but it seems ‘Thunderbird’ does not directly open the messages, it uses word processing programs.

    As for Loopes. I use 4.5 loopes for bandup deband and repositioning. I happen to have flip-up Keeler loopes and in Australia designs for Vision was the distributor for these. I think the neutral detergent is slowly destroying them but they are 17 years old so I am thinking of a new set, might even consider another brand.

    For a few years now I have been thinking a low powered operating microscope with a flat screen monitor rather than eyepieces would be a really good way to do this. I would probably need one for each chair and for bracket placement on the buccal teeth I would need to use mirrors more.

    May I echo what Brett says regarding improved posture.

    I was wondering how many reading this are using magnifying loops? If so,
    what procedures do you use them for? I feel like they would help me with
    bandings and adhesive removal at deband. Any problems or disadvantages?
    I am looking at Design for Vision loupes. Any particular brands/products anyone else recommend?

    Kevin C. Utley

    Mark Cordato
    Bathurst Australia

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