Re: The rebirth of ESCO

Dear Dr. Sokolow and all ESCO subscribers,

Glad to hear the rebirth of ESCO and the new ESCO Forum brought you so much excitement!

In the past year, we have been experiencing some unknown technical problem with the Listserv which even cannot be solved. All messages we received were spam emails. We tried to send out announcement but failed many times. We tried to contact the tech support to solve the problems. However, we were told that nothing was wrong with the ESCO listserv, and every setting seemed to be normal. The tech support people have no idea what blocked the incoming messages from our subscribers.

Therefore, we started thinking a new way to rebuild ESCO. So it comes the ESCO Forum ( We have discovered many new features that can benefit our subscribers, including 1. Archiving; 2. Categories of postings; 3. Tags of postings and replies; 4. Power search function for people to search by categories or tags; 5. Multiple layer of nested comments so reader can track related comments; 6. Easy use interface; 7. No need to log in for general subscribers. (Just need to put their name, email, and text in an online form if they wish to comment.).

Something interesting is that after we tested the ESCO Forum for three months, the old ESCO listserv suddenly resumed to work for unknown reason. However, we are not sure how long the listserv service will last. If we rely only on the old listserv technology, we might experience similar difficulty like what happened in the past 12 months. Therefore, we will let both old and new formats of ESCO run for a few months and make further decisions.

We truly hope everyone who loves ESCO enjoy the new ESCO Forum, stay tune to future postings and participate in discussion in any orthodontic topics. It’s because of you that ESCO can thrive. Thanks a lot!

Happy Holidays!

Best regards,
Huibi Liu

Original post: The rebirth of ESCO
Posted on December 22, 2010 by ESCO Forum| 1 Comment | Edit

From: Stanley Sokolow []
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 10:37 AM
To: The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics
Subject: The rebirth of ESCO

I too had thought that ESCO was dead, abandoned.   No only was I no longer getting digests, but also when I visited the ESCO site, it looked like nothing had been added for a very long time.    I was surprised to see these recent messages (below) come through from ESCO’s listserver.   So, I did a Google search and found that ESCO has moved to a web-based forum at .    Too bad we didn’t get an announcement through the old listserver system.   But now you know.   Go visit the new site if you want to stay in touch with ESCO members.

I should also point out that a few years ago, I created a forum site for orthodontists, organized into categories and topics rather than free-form stream of consciousness postings that the listserver provided.  It is located at and called the “Worldwide Orthodontics Forum”.   After a short burst of curiosity and registrations by ESCO members, the forum became stagnant, with no new postings, but it still is functional.    You need to register to see the main meat of the forum postings.   Send an email to to register for “Worldwide Orthodontics Forum”.  There are instructions for use of the forum in the General Information category there.

Stan Sokolow, DDS
Santa Cruz, California

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