2 Questions: 1) ESCO still alive; 2) Twin-Force bite corrector springs

Date:         Sun, 12 Dec 2010 09:01:20 -0500
From:         “Dr. Blair Adams” <adams.blair@GMAIL.COM>
Subject:      Re: ESCO Digest – 27 Dec 2009 to 18 Apr 2010 (#2010-1)


I have 2 questions;

1; Is ESCO still alive? I haven’t had messages in about 12 months, but I
recently received some kind of test message that said; “do not reply”
How can I ensure I get the messages if I do not reply?

2; I have been using the Unitek Forsus springs with good success. What
about the “Twin-Force bite corrector springs? Has anyone used both
appliances? Is one better / cheaper / faster / less breakable than the

If Dr Nanda is using the twin force; there must be something to it.

Dr Blair Adams

5 responses to “2 Questions: 1) ESCO still alive; 2) Twin-Force bite corrector springs

  1. Hey, Blair, great to hear from you. Happy Holidays!

    I have not used the Twin Force appliance. Like you I am a big FORSUS guy.

    Now Nanda has a relationship with Ortho Organizers so that explains part of what he does. On the other hand, Nanda is a bright fellow (I keep buying his books for a reason), and maybe Twin Force is a better way to go. Maybe someone else has an idea on this issue

    Do you do XBows?

    Something to ponder.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    charlie ruff

  2. Hi,

    I have used both. I run 18 slot and hate going into steel so I run into breakage with both, but at about an equivalent rate. My assistants vastly prefer repairs and insertion of the Twin Force.

    Also, the Twin Force is better than it was 5 years ago…it used to fail after a month or two. Now the spring mechanism stays active and does not die.

    I have to say that I do prefer the Carriere over both. I keep wanting to find something that allows me to go right to braces, but the once a month weekend call for “The spring is sticking out of my mouth” is annoying. With the Carriere I just never had emergencies and that is a nice thing. So I stray and then come back to it.

    Scott Smoron

  3. Welcome back to the sleeping beauty Esco Digest!
    About Forsus/Twinforce
    We have been using both with the following results:
    1. Both works
    2. Twinforce is about 1.8 x more expensive (in Switzerland)
    3. Considerably less breakage with forsus
    4. Both are easy to handle
    5. Twinforce offers a version that can be fixed to the upper and lower wire (no need of Bands on upper first molars)
    6. Forsus slides on the lower wire and rests on the cuspid bracket. This can cause problems: rotation of cuspids and the brackets can be detached.

    So finally it is a personal preference and depends also on the type of appliance/patient that you are treating. As we all know we have patients that are very careful and then we have others…

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all out there

    Marco Tribò

  4. Has anyone used the Forsus or Twin Force for Class 3 correction? Any thoughts… experiences…..?


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